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Independent Musician
TJ Carter

TJ grew up in the Sierra Nevada mountains of
Lake Tahoe, Ca. She has a B.A. in Music Business
from Azusa Pacific University and she interned with 5Alarm Music in Pasadena, Ca and NBC Music
Services in Manhattan, NY. While living in New York, TJ began her career working with Billboard Charting and Grammy-nominated songwriters as a session vocalist. She has since worked on countless projects that have taken her vocals all over the world including Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, England, Australia, Argentina, Colombia, Canada and around the continental United States.
She moved 'cross country from her hometown of South Lake Tahoe to Nashville in 2011 to pursue her musical passion of singing and study contemporary songwriting. She independently wrote and released her first solo project, a full-length pop album titled,'Bold and Beautiful' in 2015. Since then, TJ has written and released multiple singles crossing many different genres including Country, Folk and Americana. 
Affirmations of TJ's talents include her solo guitar/vocal song, 'I'm Alright' as featured on the 'Women of Folk' and 'Up and Coming Country Artists' Spotify playlist, her collaborative projects like singing 26 tracks for The Ultimate Kids Collection 2017, vocals for NSAI's Song Of The Year "I Do" in 2020 and reference vocals for singing apps like The Voice App (2016) and Simply Sing (2023)
In 2023, TJ began independently off-loading her closest secrets, those original songs and favorite song covers she's been holding onto, starting with the release of "Goodbye" "Faithless Love" and female version of "Folsom Prison Blues" shortly followed up with a pop-country original "Ballin' On A Budget" and another original ballad "When We Were All In"
Her latest release, "Ups and Downs" is another original song penned and produced with roots rock brother duo, Brand New Trash.
TJ is currently working on finishing her album of 10 songs from her 24hr session at 515 Studio's Nashville with Scott Neubert (guitarist Crystal Gayle), Dow Tomlin (bassist Wynonna Judd) and Andy Hull (drummer Clint Black) 


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